Tome Stampi company comes up in 1977 as a
mouldmaker for injection moulds for plastics.
In 1980 the company starts with moulding
of plastics and in the course of time
introduces even assembling and serigraphy
of the moulded items.

Today Tome Stampi has the most advanced
technologies for mouldmaking and injection
moulding. For the design of moulds there are
CAD/CAM-systems and for construction there
are millingmachines and EDM working with
the newest software always to satisfy all the
customer's requests. Tome Stampi company has
injection machines with clamping forces from
500 up to 5.000 kN for all demands. Many of
them are equipped with handling-machines
to take the moulded items and put them down
with care. Tome Stampi company is not
only hight quality-machines but even
qualified workforce to satisfy all demands.

At present the production divisions are bringing
about products for household appliances
(parts for kitchen hood, components for
washing machines), for telephony and radio
controls, for scooters and industrial vehicles,
for computers, decoders and others.

Nowadays Tome Stampi company as a vanguard
company works for a number of different sectors
and for costumers not only in Italy but in many
other countries as Germany, Mexico and Spain.